Modular Carpet Tile Installation in Baltimore, MD

Modular Carpet Tile Installation in Baltimore & DC Areas

Modular carpet tiles or square carpets are a popular flooring option for commercial spaces such as bars and restaurants or other spaces. They add flexibility, comfort, and design. Direct Solutions Flooring offers custom carpet tiles for your commercial or residential flooring.

Our easy-to-install modular carpet tiles are also available in hexagon and triangle shapes, as well as different sizes and dimensions to fit your requirements. For assistance anywhere in our Baltimore-DC service area, call 410-400-4000 or contact us online for modular carpet tile installation.

Benefits of Using Modular Carpet Tiles

Why Modular Carpet Tiles By Direct Solutions in Baltimore & DC Areas?

Modular carpet tiles are joined together and installed to form a carpet. This allows wider freedom to choose between various carpet tile designs and give your carpet a unique design and overall appearance.

Additionally, modular carpet tiles are durable, long-lasting, and surprisingly comfortable to walk on. Modular carpet tiles by Direct Solutions offer an eye-catching appeal, as well as a functional but attractive carpeting solution.

Modular Carpet Tiles Designs

Pros of Modular Carpet Tiles in Baltimore, MD

  • Wide range of designs & textures
  • Choose from various size categories
  • Comfortable indoor environment
  • Save exclusively on cost & time
  • Easy to install & replace

Modular carpet tiles are also known for their flexibility. A damaged section within your modular design simply can be removed and replaced with an undamaged carpet tile, provided a match is available.

Choose Direct Solutions Flooring for Modular Carpet Tiles Installed in Baltimore & DC

Direct Solutions Flooring offers quality modular carpet tiles made to last with superior comfort and elegance. They bring a striking look to restaurants, other businesses or your home. Create unique patterns, designs and looks with modular carpet tiles that will impress. To learn more about all of our carpet and floor services, call 410-400-4000 or contact us online. Direct Solutions Flooring always has superior carpeting options for customers across the Baltimore and DC areas.

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