Sheet Vinyl Flooring Installation in Baltimore & DC Areas 

Sheet vinyl flooring is highly durable, depending on how you install it. If you maintain it well, your vinyl floor can last ten to 20 years. Sheet vinyl flooring is the best choice for commercial space or in rooms with heavy traffic. They are primarily scratch-free and have wear layers on them.

We are a certified and licensed flooring provider throughout the Baltimore and DC areas. Our quality, genuine flooring products are made by industry-leading manufacturers and brands. If you need flooring solutions for home or business, Direct Solutions Flooring has affordable options. For assistance anywhere in our Baltimore-DC service area, call 410-400-4000 or contact us online for sheet vinyl flooring installation.

Sheet Vinyl By DSF Has These Advantages in Baltimore & DC

Pluses of sheet vinyl flooring installed by Direct Solutions include:

Sheet Vinyl Flooring Installation
  • Water resistance: Sheet vinyl flooring is made with waterproof materials and perfect for water-prone areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, etc.
  • Stain resistant: Spills come right up from sheet vinyl flooring, as its easy to clean and maintain. That stain resistance makes it highly recommended.
  • Comfort: Softer in contrast to other hardwood flooring options. Standing, walking, or just generally moving about come with more comfort.
  • Durability: Sheet vinyl flooring is exceptionally durable. Installed properly and maintained well, it lasts for many years.
  • Affordability: These floors are a less expensive choice than many other types and materials. Price can vary on grade or quality, however.
  • Easy maintenance: Little is required, but gentle cleaning, sweeping or mopping, and avoiding tears or scars from heavy objects or breaks will extend its life.
  • Easy installation: While not difficult, professional installation gives best results and longest life. For D-I-Y, it's very feasible, but reinstalling in cases of mistakes will cost more.

Choose Direct Solutions Flooring For Sheet Vinyl in Baltimore & DC

  • High standards of service maintained
  • Attention to detail, creative solutions
  • Seven-day, flexible availability
  • Experienced installer, refinisher, cleaner, and for repairs
  • Brand neutral; product quality and need is our priority
  • Commercial flooring a specialty
  • Certified products from more than 100 top industry manufacturers

Call Direct Solutions Flooring at 410-400-4000 to learn more about sheet vinyl flooring or explore our other flooring solutions that include luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composite tile, natural stone, ceramic porcelain, modular carpet, wood flooring and many more.

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