Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring in Baltimore & Washington, D.C.

Direct Solutions Flooring provides the best solid wood flooring installation service throughout Maryland and the DC area. We have a wide array of solid wood flooring and other non-wood options for your home or business, including solid wood in endless styles, colors, textures, patterns, finishes, price ranges and many more.

We are a certified and licensed flooring provider throughout the Baltimore and DC areas. Our quality, genuine flooring products are made by industry-leading manufacturers and brands. If you need flooring solutions for home or business, Direct Solutions Flooring has affordable options, including solid wood. For assistance anywhere in our Baltimore-DC service area, call 410-400-4000 or contact us online for solid wood flooring installation.

Why Solid Wood Flooring By Direct Solutions?

Superior Flooring Solution

Solid wood flooring has many benefits. Our Direct Solutions Flooring professional installation comes with these benefits:

  • Overall appearance: Solid wood flooring not only gives an elegant vibe but also adds warmth. Many homeowners admit they believe hardwood floors make living spaces feel larger.
  • Convenience: Solid wood flooring is easy to clean. It can be swept, gently steam-cleaned, or vacuumed to remove accumulated dirt or debris.
  • Durable, long lasting: Homeowners choose to upgrade to solid wood flooring for not only appearance, but for its lasting qualities. This durability makes for easier maintenance.

Choose Direct Solutions For Solid Wood Flooring in Baltimore & DC

Call Direct Solutions Flooring at 410-400-4000 to learn more about solid wood flooring or explore our other flooring solutions that include luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composition tile, sheet vinyl tile, natural stone, ceramic porcelain, modular carpet, rubber flooring and many more. Choose Direct Solutions, and choose:

  • High standards of service maintained
  • Attention to detail, creative solutions
  • Seven-day, flexible availability
  • Experienced installer, refinisher, cleaner, and for repairs
  • Brand neutral; product quality and need is our priority
  • Commercial flooring a specialty
  • Certified products from more than 100 top industry manufacturers
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