Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) in Baltimore & DC Areas

Vinyl composition tile, or VCT, is a classic flooring option and one for affordability. It's long-lasting, requires easy maintenance, is resistant to heavy traffic and has other advantages. VCT is a great choice for schools, colleges, retail stores and more locations.

We are a certified and licensed flooring provider throughout the Baltimore and DC areas. Our quality, genuine flooring products are made by industry-leading manufacturers and brands. If you need flooring solutions for home or business, Direct Solutions Flooring has affordable options. For assistance anywhere in our Baltimore-DC service area, call 410-400-4000 or contact us online for vinyl composition title installation.

Vinyl Composition Tile

What is Vinyl Composition Tile?

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) is a finished flooring material primarily used in commercial places that endure heavy traffic. Its maintenance is fairly simple, as there's little to do beyond routine cleaning.

It has extreme resilience to abrasion, impact damage and cleansers. When damaged, VCT is easy to repair or replace. Direct Solutions Flooring knows well the care and maintenance of VCT or any flooring it installs.

Direct Solutions Knows VCT Benefits in Baltimore

Vinyl composition tile installed by DSF has its advantages our customers love:

  • Wide color and pattern choices
  • Resistant to fading
  • Aids in soundproofing
  • Affordability
  • Easy maintenance & cleaning
  • Water doesn't expand it
  • Top choice for durability
  • Top choice for heavy traffic
  • Water and stain resistant
Vinyl Composition

Choose Direct Solutions Flooring For Vinyl Composition in DC

  • High standards of service maintained
  • Attention to detail, creative solutions
  • Seven-day, flexible availability
  • Experienced installer, refinisher, cleaner, and for repairs
  • Brand neutral; product quality and need is our priority
  • Commercial flooring a specialty
  • Certified products from more than 100 top industry manufacturers

Call Direct Solutions Flooring at 410-400-4000 to learn more about vinyl composition tile or explore our other flooring solutions that include luxury vinyl tile, sheet vinyl tile, natural stone, ceramic porcelain, modular carpet, wood flooring and many more.

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