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Multi Family Homes in Baltimore & Washington, DC Area

A single structure that has been partitioned into several living spaces in order to provide housing for more than one family might be referred to as a multi-family house. They may be anything from a duplex, which is a building that has two separate residences inside the same structure, to homes or small apartment complexes that have up to four separate apartments.

If you have a resident of multi-family homes living in the Baltimore and DC areas who wants the best quality flooring solution at the best deal, then you can always rely on Direct Solutions Flooring. We have the best quality flooring solution that we can install in your house using your latest tools and technology. So to get our effective service at an affordable rate, call us at 410-400-4000 or click here.

Our Types of Hardwood Flooring Solutions for Multi-Family Homes

When it comes to flooring solutions for your multi-family Homes, hardwood suits the best. Here are the types of hardwood flooring solutions that we provide-

  • Hardwood Floor: At Direct Solutions Flooring, we can assist you in locating the appropriate flooring solutions for your needs, both in terms of your desires and your finances, as we have a wide variety of possibilities from which to choose your hardwood floor. Allow our trained staff to give your floor the gorgeous polish it deserves so that it may be enjoyed for many years to come.
  • Engineered Hardwood: In contrast to solid wood flooring, which consists of only one layer, engineered hardwood flooring is constructed out of many layers of real hardwood as well as plywood. The installation technique, surface finish, texture, amount of pressure exerted during construction, and even the wood species may all be classified as different categories when discussing engineered hardwood. Because of its good looks, low cost, adaptability, and long-lasting quality, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Direct Solutions Flooring is an authorized and certified flooring company serving customers the best quality. The manufacturers and brands that are leaders in the flooring market create our authentic, high-quality flooring products.
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Believe in Direct Solutions Flooring for Superior Flooring Solutions in your House

For 20 years, Direct Solutions Flooring has been the industry leader in providing the best quality flooring solution. Besides multi-family Homes, our service is available for Realtors, Museums, etc, in the Baltimore and DC areas. So call today at 410-400-4000 and get a free estimate.

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